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Therapheutic massages in Barcelona

A therapy and natural resource against pain

Therapeutic massages are the oldest way that humans used to provide a natural remedy against pain. Its effect is to improve circulatory function, recover damaged muscle tissues and relieve pain.

When we talk about therapeutic massages, we are refering to pathological treatments to cure people. Therefore, its main function is to treat discomfort and injuries that have been previously diagnosed.

Our Therapeutic massages:

Sports Massage

The sports massage consists of a series of techniques that carry out as a method of preparation for the tissues, improve performance and prevent injuries.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage is a soft and light type of massage applied to the circulatory system. Its objective is to mobilize the body’s fluids in order to favour the elimination of waste substances that accumulate in the liquid that occupies the space between the cells.

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Ancient massage designed to balance the energies of the body and mind thanks to the beneficial and stabilizing process of aqu pressure, massage and pressures applied to the different parts of the foot, where all the organs and parts of the body are reflected.

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Bamboo Therapy Massage

This bamboo therapy massage has been designed to eliminate the deepest muscle contractures and undo the adhesions. Almond oil is applied all over the body, massaging with hands and forearms of intermediate pressure and energetic movements.

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Physiotherapist massage

This type of massage is performed by a physiotherapist and for its application will use a series of techniques based on friction and kneading. The professional can use different methods based on this technique (cranial sacral therapy, osteopathy, reflexology, etc.).

Therapeutic massages are ideal in rehabilitation field. People who have suffered from a fracture, a sprain or a muscle injury or who have a back ailment.

What is the purpose of therapeutic massage?

The purpose of this massage is to recover functional mobility and eliminate the pain that causes these injuries. It is part of the routine of many athletes who resort to this technique to prevent future injuries and recover from the body after a competition.
The benefits provided by these massages go beyond cure physiological ailments. They also provide psychological benefits that improve the perception of the body and improve the patient’s self-esteem.
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