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Oriental massages in Barcelona

Oriental and relaxing massages of oriental origin

Come and enjoy our stimulating, relaxing and sensitive massages based on ancient techniques in an peace and relaxation atmosphere. Put yourself in the hands of expert masseurs who will take you to a state of harmony and total relaxation.

Our oriental massages:

Oriental Thai massage

Oriental Thai massage is a technique that is usually performed on the floor. The massage is done throughout the body, from feet to the head.

Its origin is millenarian, it was created by Dr. Shivago, close to Buddha, with the intention of maintaining his health and his disciples health.

Unlike traditional massages, in massages such as Thai massages Hands, elbows, forearms, knees or legs are used. Seen from the outside, it is like a beautiful dance where the masseuse and the receiver merge in full harmony.

During the session you start from the feet, in an upward direction to stimulate the environment of the blood to the heart. The body warm up progressively before moving on to the special positions of the Cobra, the Plow, or the Grasshopper among others.

Oriental massages have become popular in the West during the last decades because of the numerous benefits they present when they are performed by authentic professionals, as is the case with our masseuses in Barcelona.

Who can enjoy oriental massages?

In general terms, anyone can enjoy this type of massages. However, the massage therapist should be advised of the existence of diseases such as diabetes or heart-related ailments, as well as of the state of pregnancy. In any case, the professional is responsible for asking this to the patient before starting with treatment.

To guarantee the best service, we recommend making your appointment in advance to try our massages and treatments, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or filling out the contact form. We will be happy to assist you.


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