Tantric massage in Barcelona

Tantric massage is a ritual that awakens and uses energy to expand it throughout the nervous system, channeling it, especially, through the central Sushumna channel, harmonizing the chakras and purifying the energy channels throughout the body.

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Depending on the different schools, currents or routes of Tantra, it will have other purposes such as connecting (second chakra) with love (fourth chakra), unlocking the Sacred Point (first chakra), ascending the Kundalini to Ajna (sixth xakra), learning to contain to relax and a long etcetera.

What makes a massage tantric is precisely this use and channeling of Energy to enter into expanded states of consciousness and meditation through relaxation. Pleasure, then, is not the end in itself, but the means to awaken the senses and sensuality in the body, sensitivity and deep relaxation. It is a key to open consciousness and expand beyond the physical body. And the tantric massage can be suitable for each person.

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