Sports Massage

The sports massage consists of a series of techniques that carry out as a method of preparation for the tissues, improve performance and prevent injuries.



The sports massage works by activating the circulation of fluids, accelerating the elimination of waste, toxins and other waste materials, as well as increasing the oxygenation of the muscle, stimulates circulation and allows to eliminate adhesions.

Sports massage is a manual technique that aims to improve the performance and fitness of the athlete. It is applied with the objective that the athlete can reach the optimum fit, as well as prevent and avoid injuries or speed up the rehabilitation of muscle problems that already had.

This type of massage can be used both as preparation prior to training or competition, or to stretch and relax the muscles after daily training.

Sports massage differs from the rest because it is aimed at benefiting the specific muscles that have been or will be subjected to the burden of physical exercise of each athlete, and tend to be deeper and more intense.

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