Ancient massage designed to balance the energies of the body and mind thanks to the beneficial and stabilizing process of aqu pressure, massage and pressures applied to the different parts of the foot, where all the organs and parts of the body are reflected.



Foot reflexology is an ancient method, which we know from old texts and illustrations that the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindus already worked on the foot to provide good health. By stimulating certain areas of the foot, effects can be obtained on different organs or areas of the body. Some of the general benefits we can achieve with foot reflexology are:

  • Stress relief. The massage helps to free us of the tensions, to loosen the contractures and anxieties that are generated with the hustle and bustle of the day to day.
  • The feet are an area that we often forget and mistreat, so massages produce relaxation in the area.
  • Together with the activation of the circulation, the immune system is activated.
  • There is an activation of the blood circulation in the body.
  • The opening of the neuronal and circulatory pathways makes the mechanisms for eliminating and disposing of toxins from cells more effective.
  • The body, by freeing itself from toxins, can find a balance.

Helps restore harmony and balance.

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