Pure Relax Massage

The pure relax massage is the tasting massage of our menu and includes several massage techniques, intertwined in a harmonious and wonderful way. You get a great feeling of well-being and relaxation.

An hour of massage with the best of each specialty for your enjoyment.



It is a voluble and relaxing massage, which harmoniously combines the varieties of Thai massage and the traditional Indonesian. The massage begins with deep pressures on the Zen lines, which tone and stimulate all parts of the body and continue with the application of essential oils, combining gentle stretching with pressures.

The relaxing massage or anti-stress, is aimed at relaxing and toning the central nervous system, reducing muscle tone, relieving tension pains and fatigue, producing a general well-being effect.

This well-being is manifested in an improvement in sleep and a decrease in back pain.

The relaxing massage is soft and with a delicate but firm touch. The passes are based on smooth movements with a harmonic rhythm and without any abruptness, always pleasant, even when working on pains or muscle aches. If the muscular tension is very intense we should perform a relaxing decontracting massage.

The relax massage is carried out in a pleasant stay, with a dim light, to create a cozy atmosphere.

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