Four-hand massage (Diacqua massage)

The 4-hand massage is a wonderful therapeutic massage. It is a massage performed by two perfectly synchronized masseurs, tat floods you in a total relaxation with a unique sensation.



Imagine four expert hands working on your muscles at the same time. With its coordination allows the elimination of conjectures and other ailments. The four-hand massage is a method of Hindu origin, which is performed with 4 hands and combines therapy with music and aromas. It is known as four-hand massage, although its original name is Diacqua Massage, a technique from Hindu medicine, which effectively combines the techniques of massage, music and aromatherapy.

Who is the 4-hand massage for?

Although the 4-hand massage is a massage that can be received by all types of audiences, it is especially indicated in people who has stress, saturation, nervousness, anxiety, etc … since this massage is performed with relaxation and decontracting techniques , which relieve different types of ailments quickly, because when it’s done for 2 people, it is received throughout the body at the same time.

They are sessions of approximately one hour, which are customized with specific essential oils. Music is used to help the mind relax and the aroma allows the person to feel involved in a pleasant sensation of total relaxation and that helps you to disconnect from everyday stress.

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