Balinese massage

The Balinese massage is a traditional massage that uses essential oils to convey a complete sense of peace. It is based on pressure in almost the entire body and gentle stretching to dissolve deep tissue tension and promote blood and lymphatic circulation, while calming stress and promoting harmony.



This exotic Balinese massage is characterized by favoring the relaxation and dissolution of the tension of the deep tissues through slow and long movements made with the hands. They are made accompanied by aromatic essential oils, especially sandalwood, jasmine and sage.

Traditional Balinese massage combines numerous and varied techniques, from stretching to different types of pressure and kneading, using not only the hands, but also knees or feet.

This Balinese massage is very effective achieving important relaxing, therapeutic and healing effects.

Balinese massage works more than 100 anatomical energy points distributed throughout the body and are points where veins, arteries, nerves, tendons, joints and bones come together.

Manual movements, performed with medium-high pressure, help improve blood circulation, benefit the functioning of the lymphatic system and regenerate our skin.

Indicated for total relaxation of the body and mind.


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